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GPZ500S/EX500 - this website absolutely rocks! The forum members are amazing and there is everything you could ever want to know about owning/repairing/modifying the GPZ500S (EX500). - this is a good start point for someone owning or planning to own a GPZ500S. - another EX500 owner's page - a Yahoo Group for GPZ owners. Not as good as but useful as a last resort.,4158.0.html - a thread listing my mods on the website. - the wikipedia page with lots of details and history on the EX500 - specifications on the GPZ500S (good for comparisons etc) - another summary of the EX500 (Ninja 500R - the R makes it "faster") - several reviews of the GPZ500S


Yamaha FZ6 - an excellent forum for FZ6 owners with mods, help and advice - the FZ6 section on one of the most popular bike forums - a UK-based Fazer owners club - this is mainly biased towards the older style Fazer (FZ600) - specfications on the Yamaha Fazer FZ6 - the official UK Yamaha page on the FZ6 Fazer - a nice comparison list of which parts from other bikes fit the FZ6 - a nice 2004 FZ6 owner's page with lots of details on his bike and mods he's done


General Motorcycling - one of the best sites I've found for buying motorcycle bits, well worth ringing them up as you sometimes get discounts! Excellent prices, postage and customer services - actually owned by the same guy who owns M&P and they usually have the same prices - another good website to buy bits from - another good website to buy bits from - a good report for anyone to read who rides about the dangers we face - an amazing website for any motorcycle owner - especially for things like helmet reviews - a great site for those who like to park their bikes for free! - useful in working out how much fuel you're burning. - an invaluable resource for anyone new to biking


Software - the best web-browser out there. Download it and play around with all the themes and extensions - absolutely brilliant and free PVR software for those of you who have a TV card in your PC (I have 2) - the best Bittorrent client out there - not quite as good as Photoshop - but it's close and completely freeware! - a truly excellent piece of compression/decompression software. It opens everything!


Nerdy Stuff - one of the best image hosting sites out there and the one I use for all my image files - very useful if you have an annoying relative with computer problems and an Internet connection - good if you need to find out which freeview transmitter is closest to you and it's position - good if you need to get a file onto your mobile phone and don't have Bluetooth or a cable - if you have a file you're unsure of, use this site to check it with lots of different virus scanners - if you have a file you're unsure of, use this site to check it with lots of different virus scanners - use Windows but hate IE? With this site you can still use Windows Update! - a great site for Xbox owners (new and old) who want to chip/modify their console - builds of the most amazing piece of software ever made for the Xbox (XBMC) - a very useful website for all sorts security/crack-related things - if you don't know what a crack is, avoid it!


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