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Hardcore Modded GPZ500S's (EX500's)

I have seen some absolutely amazing mods done to the GPZ500S during my time on and I thought it would be an incredible shame if the pictures of them were ever lost (as some of them have started disappearing) so I'm going to create a site here to mirror the bikes and also as a handy index for everyone to see them all easily.

Some of them are ugly. Many are quite evil looking. Some of them you may say are not really harcore enough - but I don't really care. They look hardcore enough to me! :P

I need a bit of a disclaimer here. I did not create ANY of these bikes. The people who built them are far more talented than I am. I don't have permission to post all of the pics up here but I am giving credit to the original creators and am linking to their profiles on so you can contact them and find out more about them if you wish.





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