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Headlight Mods


I decided to do the excellent headlight mod documented here and here by BikerDude 43. I didn't want to risk voiding my warranty or cutting into any stock cables on the bike. It worked briliiantly. I also switched out all the bulbs with decent Philips ones and adjusted the headlight properly (motorbike headlights are always too low from the dealership).

First job was to find the materials. I have loads of different types of cable lying around, so that wasn't a problem. I didn't have a right-angled spade connector, but I had some normal ones that would do just as well with a little bending. The last thing was the pin to plug into the stock connector. I discovered that you can use one of the pins from inside a SCART plug if you reduce the width a bit. Make sure you tin the whole thing as it makes it a bit stronger and reduces corrosion. You need to be careful with this though as it's a bit thinner than the stock ones and can snap.

I wired it all up and covered the soldered connections with heatshrink. Fitting it was a pain in the bum. A few people have said that they could do this without removing the airbox. I have no idea how! You need to follow DB43's instructions and although it's fiddly, it's not impossible. I was mainly worried about losing an important bolt or dropping something into the engine! After threading the wire along the edges trying to keep it hidden and secure I fitted it into the H4 plug holder and had to bend the spade connector sideways a bit to shut the connector properly.

I replaced the H7 and H4 bulbs with Philips X-treme Power bulbs which are apparently 80% brighter than stock. They are a quite a bit brighter and much whiter but I'm not sure about 80%! I replaced the two sidelight bulbs with Philips BlueVision bulbs which are also whiter and brighter. I can now see all the reflective bits on signs and number plates etc light up brightly whenever my lights shine on them. I had a H4 Philips BlueVision bulb on my last bike and it was great so I avoided other brands (especially the cheap chinese ones you can get on ebay).

I needed to adjust the headlights up following the instructions in my Haynes manual as well. I have it so the main glare is just underneath the rear window of drivers in front of me so they can see my lights but it doesn't shine in their faces. I didn't mess with the horizontal adjustment though. It seemed fine.

Here is a pic of the view from my bike with no lights on:-
no light

Here you can see the light thrown by the stock lights:-
stock light

Here you can see the light thrown by all 4 of the new Philips lights:-
new light

How cool does this look:-

Another shot with the flash on this time:-

A poor quality shot showing just the side lights:-

Here it is looking pretty evil from above slightly:-

Another shot showing the shape the lights create:-

Here you can see the addition I made to the headlight connector. The new wire is the top one:-



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