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Pyramid Plastics Extenda Fenda


I finally received my Pyramid Plastics Extenda Fenda from M and P after buying the wrong one on ebay. I contacted Pyramid direct and they told me that the Extenda Fenda for the FZ6 07-08 was the same as the R6 03+. I ordered one for an R6 on ebay for about £7 and found it didn't fit. :|

It's great. Makes a big difference. I have a mate who rides a naked FZ6 and when I was following him to work one day we went through a huge puddle. His bike threw up loads of steam from all the water hitting the headers. Mine didn't. It's not a cool mod but definitely worth doing to extend the life of your headers and engine.

Pyramid give you some of the double-sided foam stuff and screws to attach it to the original fender. I decided that there was no way I was going to have the points of screws that close to my tyre and used half a tube of Araldite instead (horrible stuff but damn strong). I used Araldite Precision as I wanted to be able to adjust it until it was as I wanted.

You need to make sure that you use rough sandpaper on the underside of the fender and the part of the Extenda Fenda that will be glued to make sure the Araldite sticks. It should also go without saying that they should both be clean too!

The first time I tried it, I left the fender on the bike and used locking pliers (with rags to protect the plastic) to hold it in place and rested the end of the Extenda Fenda on a can of chain lube to stop it slipping. This was left in the garage overnight to set (during a British winter). This didn't work because epoxies won't mix and set properly in cold temperatures (my garage is damn cold), the clamps were hard to position and didn't hold the centres in place properly.

You can see how I mounted it the first time below:-

The extenda fenda didn't set after about 12 hours so I pulled it off and cleaned off the Araldite from the fender and the Extenda Fenda. This time, I took the non-lazy option and waited till the weekend. I took the fender off the bike (4 bolts and a hook holding it to the brake line) and left it (along with the tubes of Araldite) in the house for a few hours to warm up.

After sanding and cleaning both the surfaces (for the second time) I used up half the Araldite all over the part of the Extenda Fenda that will stick to the fender after mixing it VERY thoroughly. Then I put it in position on the underside of the fender and covered the thing in masking tape to hold it in place. It dried very quickly and I was able to remove the tape after about 4 hours. I cleaned/scraped off any excess Araldite and left it for another 4 hours to dry completely before fitting it back onto the bike.

It looks pretty good. it helps that it's the same colour as my bike. I didn't buy one for my last bike as it was silver and wouldn't have looked very good. I'd like to see someone paint their Extenda Fenda to match the bike. I bet it would look great!

Here it is after setting:-

Here you can see the underside of the fender:-

Fitted to the bike from the side:-
on bike

Another shot of it fitted to the bike:-
on bike2



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