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Scorpion End Cans


I was planning to buy Scorpion exhausts the whole time, but after I melted my exhaust cover I decided to get them a bit earlier than planned. I ordered them from the excellent Seastar Superbikes as they have the lowest prices I could find. They don't have the latest models for the FZ6 listed on the site but after emailing them a great guy called Turk let me know all the details after he got hold of Scorpion and found out I needed some YA-84's for an '08 fazer. This is with the new style end cap (although the old style look great too) and I got them in oval instead of round as it looks just a little bit more special. You can see their site page on the older style ones here. I was glad I rang up as Turk gave me a discount and sold me them at the (already low) price on the website as the newer ones cost more than the old.

When I received the card from the delivery company telling me they'd missed me (I'm always at work when stuff gets delivered to me) I loaded myself up with tank bag, bungees and big rucksack ready prepared to collect the bits on my bike (I sold my last car once I discovered the joy of riding). The bits came very well packaged with lots of bubble wrap etc in a gigantic box and I prompty took it all out of the box at the couriers' office, packed it away into various bags and left them the empty box to dispose of. :)

What you get is the lovely cans:-

Some bits to help mount them and the number-plate:-

And lots of clamps for the pipes and the cans themselves:-

A Y-pipe to join the two cans onto the pipe from the cat:-

Here you can see inside one of the pipes with the DB-killers fitted:-
db killers

And you can see the other side of the DB-killer from the other side:-

Fitting wasn't too much of a chore. The hose clamps to tighten up the connecting pipes are a bit of pain to get to and they seem to just take forever to tighten. I discovered after fitting that the connection between the Scorpion Y-pipe and the Yamaha pipe from the cat isn't perfect, so I've bought some Holts Firegum to fill up the joints at a later stage. I'm going to buy the Scorpion decat pipe soon so I won't bother with it till then.

The system that Scorpion use to mount the numberplate mount is awful and I had to fiddle about with it for a while until I worked out how it all worked. I have the R&G fender eliminator so that may have caused issues - but I found that I was about 4 bolts shy from what I needed. So I popped down the local hardware store and bought some nice steel ones. After a bit of fiddling it was all done.

Here you can see a close-up showing the DB-killers and the all important e numbers allowing it through an MOT:-

Here is one without the DB-killer fitted (I'll explain about that in a bit):-

Here they are running - there was a load of moisture coming out at first:-

From the side looking kewl:-

From an angle at the rear looking even more kewl:-

Head on from the rear:-

From above:-

From the rear a bit further away:-

These exhausts were not just bought for the looks however. They were also bought for the sound they make and the extra performance they offer. As for the performance, I have noticed an improvement in engine response and the bike seems to have more pickup at lower speeds. I'd like to see how it's like when I get the decat pipe later and compare that to a stock bike!

As for the sound, it sound amazing! Has a really deep throary idle which changes to a roar above 3000rpm and it screams above 600rpm. I use them with the DB Killers fitted and they sound amazing and nice and loud too. When I took my bike in for it's first service at the dealership I was getting loads of questions about them. And when they started the bike up and rode it round the back to the workshop I could easily hear it from inside the shop. :)

I tried a journey to work and back without the DB-killers fitted and I just knew it was too loud. I ride with Sennheiser CX300 noise-cancelling earphones in and music playing and normally it blocks out most of the engine and wind-noise while still allowing me to hear sirens and horns etc. But with the pipes straight through it was hurting my ears even though I mostly rode under 5000rpm. I also felt really bad for anyone behind me and worried about any Police within a 1 mile radius who might hear them!

I made a couple of videos that I stuck on Youtube to let people hear the different sound options. The first one shows the exhausts along with a walk-round:-

The second shows a really easy comparison of the different sounds at idle and at 4000rpms:-

If you like them feel free to give me reps on Youtube! :D



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