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UFO Hand Guards


Well, as I've said in other posts, I ride all year round in the cold and my new grips aren't warm enough. I ordered some handguards to try and block some of the windblast on my hards. I bought some of these here on ebay somewhere for about £15 as it stated they were universal and worked on bikes with disc brake reservoirs.

I wasn't expecting them to fit perfectly and was willing to have to make liberal use of cable ties to keep them on. It wasn't too bad although I was a bit annoyed that the guards stated they were for a Suzuki RM125 instead of universal. They provide lots of bolts and things for you to use as replacements for the ones holding your levers on and I was able to use one of them on the right-hand handguard. For the left-hand side I had to use the Yamaha one and really squeeze down the guard as it was somekind of strangely shaped bolt.:-

I also had to chop off the bottom of the part of the left guard that would have fit around the clutch assembly but you can't see this anyway:-

The right-hand guard almost fits round the brake resevoir but it's a bit wonky. Not too bad though:-

I was going for function rather than form here and was only planning to use them in the winter, but they don't look too bad:-

Here you can see them fitting pretty well on the right side:-



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