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Cee Bailey 24" Screen


I currently have a flip screen and although it's far better than the stock one and the double-bubble I used to have to keep the wind off my chest, I still get blown back a bit when on the motorway as it hits me in my neck and upper chest. I decided to take the plunge and go for a screen from the US that has height and flip. I went for the tallest and I'm glad I did. It shifts ALL the wind from my face, neck etc and it just catches the top of my helmet. If I duck down an inch then it goes totally over me! It's awesome. It's a bit louder, but it's a lower pitched sound and I can hear more of what's going around me. The sound kicks it at about 45mph. I'm going to try adding screen trim next and see if the added turbulence will shift the airflow up a bit more.

Here is the screen as I got it. Notice the "flaps" on the sides just after the screw-holes. For some reason, Cee-Bailey bent these inwards and they are a pain:-

Here you can see the beautiful curve of the top of the screen:-

Here its a comparison of my flip screen with the new giant!:-

I didn't trust the plastic screws I used before so I sprayed some aluminium ones I already had black along with some washers to go with them. I tried rubber washers, but they didn't work well:-

Here you can see the screen installed. It was the easiest screen I've ever installed. Every other one has had to have the holes enlarged or the screen forced in etc:-

Here you can see the difference in height between this and the flip one I used to have here:-

I found that where the screen had been bent inwards, it hit my levers on full lock, so I cut the bent-back bits off using my dremel and smoothed them off using a file & a knife. It actually looks better now IMO, a bit more sporty:-

Here is the new distance between the screen and my levels on full lock. Still not great, but I have a solution to that later:-

Here you can see where they almost hit from the front:-

I installed 20mm risers instead of the 30mm I used to have and sprayed the original clamp black because after I installed my throttle lock, the throttle cables were being stretched on full lock. Much better fit with the levers and the screen too:-

Here it all is from the back. There are more pics of me painting up the top clamp in another thread:-

Here's a nice side view:-

And here's a front view. I can't wait to install my knuckle-guards to change the look even more:-


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