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Horn Upgrade V2


A while ago I upgrades my horns using the Motrax Hootaz. This is something I always do now as the stock horns always suck. When I did it, I kept the stock horn so I could have a high tone horn as well as two low-tone horns. Well the Hootaz started corroding a bit and one of the kept needing adjusting or it blew the fuses. I got fed up with this and decided to replace them. I had a look on Ebay and decided to buy a high and low tone set of two horns and get rid of the stock horn altogether.

Instead of splitting the power three ways, I now only needed to split it into two and there should be much less power-draw when using the horns and less damage of blowing fuses/melting connections etc! The low-tone horn is 410HZ and the high-tone is 510HZ. I also decided to spend a bit more time playing with the mounting position and aim them straight towards the gap under the headlights as well as space them out a bit from the mounting point I used too.

Here is a very basic drawing of the horn splitter cable I made up. I just hacked up the old one I had before and made it up more securely and accurately. I measured the distances I wanted for each length beforehand and it fits perfectly:-

Here you can see the horns as well as the two plastic spaces I'm using for each one to bring them out a bit. I had to dig up some longer bolts to use instead of the stock ones:-

Here you can see how I've mounted the horns using the spacers and washers etc. You can see the stock horn connector just to the right of the horn itself:-

Here I have plugged my splitter cable into the stock horn connectors and routed the cable to the right-horn through the frame. The connectors to plug the left-hand horn into are shown on the left:-

Here is a nice closeup showing the horn mounted along with the panel infill:-

Here is the right-hand horn mounted up & plugged in:-

Now I have the same amount of volume I had with the stock horn AND the two Motrax hootaz along with the variation in tone, but at two-thirds of the power-draw.


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