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Silly Little Add-ons


These don't really count as mods, but they're things that are definitely worth doing by everyone. Please don't flame me for writing about them though!

With 5 minutes of getting the bike, I stuck on a plain black Motrax tank protector as low down towards the seat as I could get it to stop the tank from being scratched from my riding trousers. If you need to sit down now to marvel at how hardcore I am, please feel free. Anyway, for those of you who live in the stone age they look like this:-
tank pad

Another little add-on I put on (which is also cheap and worth doing) was reflective rim tape. I bought it on ebay here for just over £10 and ordered the 11mm in reflective black. Make sure that you get the reflective stuff and not just a plain colour! This is just a little something extra to try and make me a bit more visible to the cagers out there. Because I wanted a stealth bike I ordered them in black. It's pretty cool actually. They're invisible normally but when a light shines on them they glow. The black ones don't glow as much as the white ones I had on my GPZ500S, but they're still pretty cool.

It was very easy to put on. The most important thing is to make sure that the wheel rims are REALLY clean and oil free first. I used Paraffin to clean the grease off, then used car shampoo to clean it, then rinsed it loads and let it dry for half-hour or so. Then I wiped it with a cloth just before putting the tape on. I ordered 10mm but I wish I'd got 8mm as it was a little bit too thick - stands out more though. You just put it on a little at a time. I found that it was best to cut the backing strip so that each piece of tape is separate and only pulled it off the backing tape a bit at a time to stick it to the bike. Then a quick rub over with a cloth to make sure it was stuck down all over and to get rid of any bubbles.

rim tape

With the camera flash ON:-
rim tape

And the last silly little add-on is yet another incredibly hardcore mod: a tax disc holder. Yeah baby, you're in the danger zone now! :D When you get a bike, the tax disc is normally in plain sight attached the front wheel with a cheap holder. I ordered a plain black one with an O-ring inside that will stop the tax disc getting wet and mouldy and I mounted it where the original one was on the front wheel fender mount. I didn't bother taking a pic of this in situe but the tax disc holder looks like:-
tax disc holders



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