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Easy Shortened Sidestand Mod for Lowered Suspension


This is wholly thanks to this amazingly useful post by Popeye70. Without this I would have ended up cutting the foot off the sidestand, cutting the length off the pipe that I wanted lost and paying to get the foot welded back. Much more hassle and cost and time.

This you can do with a hacksaw! :) For those who don't understand what I'm talking about: if you have a bike with lowered suspension, it doesn't sit at the same angle when on the sidestand and is less stable. Basically, instead of having to make the side-stand shorter this mod lets it sit at a different angle to let the bike lean at a safer angle. It definitely works and the bike feels much more stable.

It could be done while on the bike, but it's a lot more hassle and would probably end up scratching bits! It's quicker and much easier to do with it off the bike. It's about 4 bolts and a spring to pull off. Getting the side-stand switch off was a bit trickier as it was covered in gunk and I had to get my impact hammer out to get the bolts out.

Here is the mounting jobbie that the sidestand goes on and the tab that it sits across is at the bottom-left (after cleaning):-

I used an abrasive bit on the dremel as I was feeling lazy and it went through it pretty quickly. I cut about 5 mm off:-

Here it is after being fully cut through and filed to fit the stand when it's against it. I fitted it loosely a couple of times & filed a bit more to get it to fit flush against the stand:-

Here it is fitted, hopefully it shows the new angle nicely. Make sure you get the sidestand switch refitted the right way round or it won't work (as I found out):-

And here the stand down and fitting very well. I couldn't be bothered to try and work out how much I changed the angle by:-

Here you can see that the bike sits at a nice angle now. I could have taken more, but didn't want to go too extreme:-

And from another angle:-

And a nice view of the stand with the bike on it. You can see that the foot is a bit of an angle to the floor. Doesn't bother me and is very stable:-


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