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Rear Hugger Slimming Down


The one thing I don't like about my bike is the massive, faded grey rear hugger. I've seen some great ones on here. But the one that REALLY made me decide to do this is this beautiful job by dynamo-acl. My paint-job isn't as good as his (I suck as using gloss paint), but I'm very pleased with my cutting.

First job is to take off the hugger. Just takes two nuts either side and a screwdriver to push out the centre of the weird plastic thing in the centre at the back.

Here you can see my suspension spring cover and all the road crap underneath it that went underneath the hugger. I cleaned this off before reinstalling the hugger!

Once the hugger was off I gave it a good clean and took some pics to play around with and see how I should cut it.

Here it is from the top. My cut will be pretty much the same curve as it has already.

And the other side, this needs a lot hacking off!

I covered the area I wanted to cut in masking tape, drew the curve I wanted to follow and went at it with my Dremel. I cleaned up the edges with sand-paper and a Stanley knife.

I used the section I cut out to create the curves for the sides. Here is one drawn out.

And here is the second side cut to do. It's taking quite a bit off!

Here you can see post-hacking & sanding etc.

I sanded the whole hugger after cutting.

Nice & smooth and clean after all the sandings were cleaned off.

Then I went at with a can of black gloss I wanted to use up. I hate using this stuff. It always messes up and I had to wait for it to dry a couple of times before sanding and repainting.

This is after it's been installed a couple of weeks and has just had a quick clean with an oily rag.

Shiny shiny.

It matches the bike so much better now.


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