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Improved Ingenious Sat-Nav Mount


I used to have my sat nav in a soft plastic waterproof case, but I wanted something better - without having to buy a really expensive waterproof bike sat-nav. I decided the best option was a hard waterproof peli-case and I went for the 1020. I found one on ebay for about a fiver - bargain!

Pretty much all the other bits I needed I already had. I bought a bracket that I screwed to the case (thereby compromising the wateproofness a bit) for a few pence from a hardware store. I used the bar I created earlier that was documented here. This bolts above the dash etc and fits behind the screen. Onto this I used the cheap mirror mount I'd already bought and used the bolt I had from before to attach the bracket to the mount.

For the sat-nav itself I cut up a few cheap sponges for it to rest on and made a couple of extension cables for the audio and USB power connectors so that the case would still be waterproof. I covered everything using the glue-gun to stop moisture getting in.

Here you can see the sat-nav from the rider's view:-

This picture shows how it all mounts up:-

This shows where the mount is compared to the clocks:-

And a distance view, you can see I need to repaint the bar soon:-


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