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Painted Rearsets


I've been wanting to do this for ages. I would have preferred powder-coating, but firstly it's expensive, secondly I was too lazy to look for someone to do it. Also, I couldn't get the rubber bits out, so they couldn't be baked. I just decided to clean, prime, paint and lacquer them. Unfortunately, my facilities for painting suck - a damp garage with very little room, too much dust, too colds and no electricity.

I taped off a couple of bits, cleaned and dried them and them primed:-

Here it is in the middle of painting:-

And here it is drying:-

I also painted the bolt heads etc:-

Drying again:-

I took all the bits off the levers too:-

And here it is being painted:-

After painting the bolts and gear shift rod, I baked them in the oven to get the paint to harden:- 

Here the bits are looking shiny after being lacquered. I can't lacquer on coloured paint, but I can manage black:-

Here with the bits put together:-

I didn't completely like the shape of my Oberon footpegs. You can see what they look like here. I filed down the ends so that the pegs are more comfortable. This is in the middle of the process:-

Here you can see the new shape of the pegs:-

Here you can see them after priming:- 

Looking nice:-

Looking damn nice now:-

After being used a while, the paint has lasted pretty good and they are getting a bit dirty:-

The paint didn't stick too well to the primer in a few bits and needs redoing:- 

Here you can see where it bubbled up a bit:-

Another view:-

Overall, I think that the rearsets look much much better from a distance now, but the painting option isn't good enough. I need to work out how to get out the rubber bits and get them properly sand-blasted and powder-coated at a later date. Better for now though.


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