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Beowulf Radiator Cover


I didn't trust the huge gaps in the stock radiator cover for protecting my radiator from stones so I decided to buy a Beowulf Radiator cover from here. I had a 10% discount voucher that needed using up. :)

I didn't get it to look nice, just to protect the radiator, so I painted it black. My bike is as blacked out as I can get it and I don't like the shiny bits on bikes!

It was damn easy to fit, except that I had to use a washer underneath the cover on one side and I couldn't use the stock radiator covers as they wouldn't fit with the Beowulf cover. The sides are covered by the fairings anyway.

Here it is looking shiny and sexy:-

Here is where it attaches to the radiator:-

Here it is in the middle of the painting process:-

I can't remember why I took two pictures of the same view, but I thought I'd post it anyway:- 

Here it is after baking in the oven and fitting:-

Looks good:-

It's obvious how much better it protects the radiator than the stock:-



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