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MRA Flip Screen


IMHO the stock screen on the FZ6 Fazer is absolutely awful for noise and wind blast. I bought a Puig double-bubble screen, which was better in terms of noise and pushed the wind-blast upwards a lot, but it was putting lots of pressure on my neck & head on the motorway and made me tired. I had a flip screen on my GPZ500S and it was amazing, so I wanted something similar for the FZ6. I managed to find an MRA flip-screen that looked good. It wasn't as tall as I hoped, but it was much better to ride with. The wind-blast was moved lower again, but it was much much less and much quieter. This is almost ideal for me. If I could find a screen with the same flip that was 6 inches taller, it would be perfect!

Here is a view showing the height of the screen:-

You can see the shape of the flip here:-

Here you can see the height even more:-

Here you can see the salt and crap that builds up during the British winter:-

And this is the rider's view:-



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