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Additional LED Tail-Light


I decided I wanted to make extra sure that my new integrated tail-light was no less bright than the stock and so I bought an extra one to add to the visibility. I wanted a small, clear one that used LEDs. I found this on Ebay. It also has some white LEDs to illuminate the number-plate. I kinda wish it didn't have the white LEDs too as they don't just shine down, the white light can be seen from the rear.

Here is what I got:-

And here you can see the LEDs:-

To mount the extra light, I joined together two L-brackets and then drilled holes in them to mount the two bolts from the light from. When it's warmer, I'll take it off and paint it black:-

The view from above shows it better:-

The bolt holding the brackets together forces the light further away from it than I would like, but it's stable:-

I wired in a Tamiya connector and an automotive connector to the wires coming off the light. Here is where I connected them up to the connectors coming off the cable going to the integrated tail-light. There are details on that here (Smoked Integrated LED Tail-Light):-

The wires tuck away nicely underneath the plastic/rubber cover:-

Here you can see both the lights together:-

And the view from the back:-

Here you can see that it's not as bright as the integrated one, but this photo does not do it justice at all:-

Here's a shot of them both from further away:-

And from the side (with the bike looking dirty):-

It's not massively different, but it definitely helps with the visibility. Overall, I'm glad I did it, but don't like the white LEDs in it, although it does make the number-plate even easier to see.

I made a video of it all at night here:-

And here you can see it in action in the daylight:-



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