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Scorpion Decat Pipe


Fitting the Scorpion decat pipe should be quite a simple mod. It wasn't for me, but I think it was worth it! The bike runs and sounds much better now. I do however, think it's over-priced for a piece of bent pipe with a nut welded onto it! It's also called sometimes called a mid pipe or Catalytic Converter replacement pipe.

I needed some Holts firegum (liquid gasket as the pipes didn't fit properly when I installed my cans before) and a mini blowtorch thing. I'll explain how I used them later:-

This is the original decat pipe I was sent next to the stock decat pipe:-

This is the replacement pipe. I was sent the 2004-2006 pipe instead of the 2007-2009 pipe which was an inch too short:-

I realised when taking off my cans that the Y pipe had a smaller exit to the can on the left side of the bike than the right to make the flow equal:-

And another view of it:-

I had to take the seat, side pods, tail unit, current exhaust cans and stock decat pipe. The instructions with the cans and decat pipe are absolutely useless, you need a Haynes manual to do this or have done it several times like I have!

One of the first annoyances (apart from being sent the wrong pipe in the first time) was that the Scorpion cat replacement pipe did not fit onto the Y pipe going to my Scorpion exhaust cans. They were basically exactly the same size. I tried squashing and expanding the Scorpion Y pipe, but it wouldn't go inside or outside of the decat pipe. In the end, I had to get my angle grinder and cut 4 slits into end of the decat pipe that fits to the Y pipe. Then I was able to squash it down using hose clamps so that it fitteed into the end of the Y pipe.

I used lots of Holts Firegum inside and around all of the joints. This is how it looks like when it is wet:-

I followed instructions on the Internet and used the blowtorch to heat up the firegum all over to dry it out before running the bike. It's really cool stuff. When it gets hot it bubbles, expands to fill gaps and dries hard:-

Here you can see the cool new decat pipe from the rear:-

Once I had got the majority of the firegum dried out with the blowtorch, I started the bike and let it idle until the fan came on. This seemed to be enough to cure the firegum without putting too much pressure on it or heating anything up too quickly.

Here it can be see from underneath the tail:-

Here it can be see from underneath the bike. You can see where the decat pipe fits onto the stock pipe and also where the O2 sensor is:-

Here's a view of the undersides of the cans and the joins:-

Here you can see where I used loads of Firegum where the Scorpion decat pipe fits onto the Scorpion Y pipe:-

Here's a nice view of the setup from the side:-

When it was all done, I made sure that I unplugged the battery for several hours to rest the ECU. This made the bike run much more smoothly than before I unplugged the battery and it became a bit quieter too. It runs brilliantly, although the idle is a bit high when I just start up the bike and it's warming up, it soon settles down again to 1100-1200ish.

Here's a video showing the difference in volume between the Scorpion pipes with airbox mod and the pipes with the airbox mod and decat pipe. It's damn loud, but not as bad as the pipes were with the DB-killers removed. I didn't try it without the DB-killers and the Scorpion decat pipe - but it must be incredibly loud!



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