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Painted Little Bits


I think lots of silver bolts on black looks a bit silly, so I sprayed them all black with BBQ paint and cured them in the over. They look brilliant and it will also mean they are a bit more protected from corrosion.

I didn't paint the screw heads, so they were protected by newspaper and I stuck them into a piece of wood to hold them for painting:-

After a couple of layers of paint:-

I also took out the fuel cap bolts (very easy):-

After being put in the over for two 10 minute sessions:-

The gas tank bolts and washers:-

The dash bolts:-

The upper fairing bolts:-

The gas cap bolts:-

The lower fairing bolts:-

If they get messed up, I can easily sand and repaint. I'm trying to decide whether to paint some of the larger bits or find somewhere that can power-coat them. I'm not even sure if all the bits of the footrest hangers can be painted.



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