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My Bodged Clutch Lever Spacer


Okay then, people may think this is an awful thing to do that will ruin my clutch or something. It hasn't had any negative effects or anything yet, but if there is constructive criticism please let me know with reasons! Basically, I wish the clutch lever was adjustable. I have no intention of paying hundreds for ASV etc (although they are soooo nice) so I needed something to bring the lever a little closer for my ickle fingers.

My idea was to put a washer or something over the cable that will fit in the gap you can see below and push the level towards my hand a bit:-

This is the amount of slack I have before the clutch starts to engage:-

Here is my solution. A rubber o-ring. I was going to use a split washer and bend it - but I didn't like the metal rubbing against metal idea or it breaking and jamming something up. The o-ring is great because it can go over the end of the clutch cable easily and also can be squashed a bit with no problems:-

It's now a bit closer than the front brake lever and I'm on the lookout for a slightly smaller o-ring at the moment so I can have them the same. I tried using tiny ones that fitted inside the lever and could hardly be seen, but because there is a gap inside, I would need loads!

It seems to be working fine so far and also I can easily grab the clutch straight away when needed now - even with my bulky winter gloves on:-

Hopefully my clutch is loose enough that it's not rubbing and wearing itself down all the time I'm riding of course! That's my major worry and I'll have to check it after a month or so to be sure.



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