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Lower Fairing


I knew that I HAD to have the lower fairing when looking at the FZ6 as I love the look of fully faired bikes and I also wanted the added wind protection (I ride all year round and do a bit of touring too). I ordered it direct from the dealership with the bike so again it's added on to the 0% finance. It was about £360 with a 10% discount I managed to wangle out of them. It's Yamaha built and is very similar to the FZ1 fairing. I've downloaded the UK and Spain Yamaha Street motorcycle accessories catalogues from the Internet and they both have the same part numbers and details on the fairing. I've clipped the page out and uploaded it here:-
catalogue page

It's really high quality and totally fits with the look of the bike. I can't compare it to how the bike would be without it as I haven't ridden that way yet but I get very little windblast on my legs with it on.

The guy at the dealership said I might want to put some stickers on it or something but I kinda when the other way and took off every sticker I could (including the Yamaha stickers on the tank). I like it when people come up to me and say "what the hell is it?" and I wanted a stealth look bike. The plan is to make all the shiny silver bits black.

Here is a view from the front showing how it sticks out:-

And a really nice view from the front-right:-

And the side:-

And from the rear:-

And a closeup:-



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