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My Chopped & Painted Stock Screen


With the summer heat, I decided I needed cooling off a bit on the way home from work in my leathers. I'm an ICT teacher and so 7-8 hours in a room full of computers and teenagers pumping out heat I'm usually already boiling and want to do everything I can to cool down.

I love my Puig racing screen as it looks great and is quieter than the stock. I decided to chop as much of the stock screen off as I could and paint it to improve the looks a bit. This way the wind hits my whole chest and cools me off. There's more pressure pushing me back at higher speeds but its still damn quiet and I really like the look.

I chopped about an inch off the screen. I couldn't find my hacksaw and just used the dremel. I left about 6-7mm above the edge of the stop screw hole and to be honest this was a bit short as it now sits below the top of the fairing! Not really noticeable though. I then used a file and a knife to smooth off the edges loads. Unfortunately, I was watching TV at the same time and the dremel slipped a couple of times and didn't do the screen any good! I finally sanded the inside of the screen with fine sandpaper to prepare it for painting and gave the whole thing a good wash.

Here you can see the screen after cutting:-

To protect from stone-chips etc, you need to paint the inside of the screen, so I masked off the edges of the outside:-

I then taped a bit of paper over that to cover the whole thing:-

The bike looks pretty damn badass with no screen at all. I'd like to see someone just chop the whole top off from just below the second screen bolt and use barend mirrors! It just looks a bit strange when looking close at some bits:-

I used black gloss Plastikote for the screen. The painting took me ages! I'm not sure if it's the paint or the dust and muck in my garage and it kept getting messed up. Then I'd have to sand and repaint. When I'd finally got it smooth, I used two coats of Halfords clearcoat to finish it off.

Here you can see the Puid racing screen versus my chopped and painted screen:-

Here the screen is looking damn nice:-

Here you can see how much shorter the screen is compared to the Puig:-

I put screen trim over the edge of the screen to make it look more finished and cover the imperfections from my dremeling. Here is the screen from the rider's position:-

And a view from the front:-

And a side view:-



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