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Oberon Footpegs


While I was looking at Oberon bits on the Internet I spied their footpegs. I had a look at them while I was there and decided to see how the footpegs would fit to the bike. I chose the touring style because I had installed pegs similar to their round racing style on my last bike and found them too uncomfortable. Their studded ones looked too weird. They looked damn nice so I bought them along with the bar-ends while I was there.

The pegs are very nice and really easy to adjust the angle using the single bolt that attaches them to the Oberon fitting. They are obviously not as grippy as the original rubbery mount and don't offer quite as much surface area - but after rides of 30 minutes or so they don't feel any worse. They look a hell of a lot better than the stock footpegs as well of course!

Here you can see all the bits you get in the package:-

Here is a quick comparison of the stockers to the shiny new ones:-

I installed the new ones with a bit of fiddling. I had to unscrew one allen bolt and loosen the gear-change lever on the left in order to get the stock peg out. Oberon supplied a nut and bolt with the kit, but the bolt wasn't long enough so I used the stock pin and put the original cotter pin back in:-

Here you can see the peg installed. It looks damn nice. Next time, I would install the attachment and then put the peg part on after-wards. That would make it easier to adjust afterwards:-

Here you can see it from above:-

The right-hand peg was much easier to install and here you can see both the pegs installed together:-

Oberon have quite a few shiny bits that will fit our bike. They've just started marking brake and clutch levers and I'm hoping that they will make some shorty ones for the FZ6. I'm also going to volunteer my bike if they want to develop new products and I'll let everyone know if they make any new exciting products worth buying.



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