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Oberon Bar-Ends


I removed the stock bar-ends a couple of days before removing the stock bars. When I did, the bars vibrated hugely at higher speeds. I didn't realise how much vibration the stock bar-ends soaked up. After swapping the stock bars with the Renthals there was MUCH less vibration but stil a bit much. I wanted some nice simple black bar ends that would fit into the 13mm Renthal bars. I wanted to find some that were as heavy as possible while still having the universal connector.

I searched around the net and asked a few websites that supply streetfighter parts and quite a few recommended Oberon. I looked them up and found the place they manufacture and sell their bits from is just a few miles down the road from where I work. I sent a couple of emails and got myself invited to the site to check out their products and collect my parts personally. They were all very friendly and I got to have a nose around at their shiny bits of metal. They were very knowledgable and helpful.

I fitted one of the barends to the bike while I was there to check they fitted alright but this is the other one compared to stock:-

Here you can see that they are pretty similar sized:-

I fitted them to the bars without much difficulty. I had to loosen the throttle assembly to slide it back and here's the barend installed:-

Here you can see the bars on the bike:-

Here is a very horrible quality picture of the bars and bar-ends installed:-

The bar-ends look damn nice installed with the new bars and grips:-

They are lighter than stock but still reduce the vibrations from the bars a bit more:-

The bar-ends match really well with my R&G sliders and this pic shows that:-

Overall, the bar-ends are a very nice product and although I wish they were heavier they do a good job of reducing the vibrations and look nice. I'd definitely recommend Oberon products.



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