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ProGrip 717 Dual-Density Gel Grips


I didn't like the look or the comfort of the Roxter heated grips and they didn't work that well at keeping my hands warm. I'm planning to buy some EXO2 heated gloves next winter. I ordered some ProGrip 717 dual-density gel grips as they looked much nicer than the old heated ones and also were much more comfy:-

Here's the packet:-

I put paraffin on the bars and inside the grips to work as a lubricant while getting them on. It evaporated completely within an hour or so and the bars stuck on really well without needing glue:-

The grips were closed when I bought them, but I use a Stanley knife to cut holes for when I found some bar-ends I liked to fit. You can also see my Cramp-buster throttle rest. If anyone hasn't tried one yet I would recommend buying one to see:-

Here is the left grip installed:-

And the right:-



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