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Renthal High Road Bars


I was planning to get taller bars to go with the straight-up risers as I had some give left in the clutch cable etc. I ordered Renthal high road bars as they looked nice and were higher than the stockers. It turned out that they were a LOT taller than the stockers. They are actually taller without the risers than the stock bars WITH the risers. They are really great and were actually much cheaper than the risers. I wasn't able to use them with the risers as the clutch and brake lines etc weren't long enough to reach with them both.

Here you can see how high they are:-

Here you can see the pull-back:-

And another view showing the height:-

I had to take off the barends when I installed my heated grips. I stupidly decided to use thread-lock when putting them back on to be safe. I then broke my socket wrench when trying to get them off. I managed to remove them in the end using an allen key with a long bar over it to provide more leverage:-

The control boxes on the bars have little nibs sticking out from them that fit into dents in the stock bars to hold them in place. The bits that fit round the bars with the nibs in come out easily:-

I removed the bits from each control box that fit round the bars and used my dremel to grind off the nibs:-

Here you can see the difference in the stock bars to the Renthals. They are MUCH taller:-

You can see that the Renthals have a bit more length than the stock bars:-

Here's another nice view comparing the bars:-

I got the bars installed on the bike eventually. I had to loosen the brake line where it was clamped down by the horn and move it up a bit. The stock horn was in the way so I removed it as I've installed louder Motrax Hootaz anyway:-

Here's another angle of them. you can see the extra height to stock:-

I got the grey bars and I think they look good:-



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