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My Version of the Airbox Mod


There's been quite a bit of discussion about the airbox mod, how to do it and the effects on the forum recently. so I thought I'd try it and document what I did.

Some people say that it eliminates a high pitched whine and improves the performance and through-flow. Some people say that it screws up their idle speed.

The first step is to get the cover/lid off the airbox - do NOT try to mod it on the bike. You'll either damage the bike or get crap in the engine. This is easy and takes about 5 minutes. On the faired Fazer, you need to remove the four allen bolts on the side of the bike in order to take out the two small bits of inner fairing that hide the gap next to the tank. Then undo the two bolts at the front of the tank holding it into place. Then remove the seat and lift up the tank. I was lazy and just rested it on a bit of rag on the handlebar. You need to unscrew the 6 philips screws holding the top of the airbox on and you can remove it and start cutting!

Here you can see the top of the airbox cover as stock. The hole points towards the front of the bike next to the battery:-

Here you can see the underside of the airbox cover:-

Here you can see the inside of the airbox cover:-

Here is my Dremel that I used to chop bits out. You could probably use a hacksaw but it would take much longer and be much more effort:-

I chopped off the spout thingy on the outside of the cover and also both sides of it that were on the inside:-

Here's a closeup after I smoothed off the edges a bit with a knife:-

Here you can see the inside. There's a lot less plastic there now:-

I left about a cm of the spout in there as I didn't fancy the air blowing straight onto the air filter:-

Nearly done now...

VERY IMPORTANT!!! BEFORE REINSTALLING, I CLEANED THE COVER! There were loads of bits of plastic all over it and I cleaned them all off and dried it. I didn't want any of that rubbish going into the engine or blocking anything (including the filter).
I put the lid back on the airbox and went for a ride. I couldn't really tell much difference. It did sound a bit less whiny but not a huge amount. The idle was exactly the same as before once warmed up 1000rpm and no wavering. So I took the cover off again and started chopping again...

Basically, I removed all of the spout thingy from the inside and out and smoothed off all the edges:-

Here's a nice closeup - there's a much larger gap now:-

And from the inside:-

And from the inside again:-

After cleaning and reinstalling the cover I went for a longer ride. At first I wasn't sure of the difference. Then I realised, I could hear a throaty roar from the engine and the roar from my Scorpions but no annoying whine coming from underneath me! I always thought this was just the noise the engine made and there was nothing I could do about it. It sounds sooo much better now and the mod was free. It's definitely had no negative effects on riding or performance and it may even be a bit better than before.

If you're thinking about doing this mod, don't hesitate any more (well as long as you have an 07+). I don't know if it will work as well with the older bikes as they don't have the O2 sensor in the exhaust. It may work the same. I've tried riding with and without my noise-reducing headphones and it sounds great. The engine whine no longer drowns out the sound of the exhausts. BRILLIANT!



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