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R&G Fender Eliminator


The first mods I have is the fender eliminator. I got it fitted new with the bike because then the price was added to the 0% finance deal I got. I ordered the Yamaha one but it was actually made by R&G (don't know if anyone else has noticed this).

At first I wasn't sure if it was worth the £50, but it looks great and if you compare it to the original one, it totally changes the look of the rear of the bike. The number plate is moved up and forwards a great deal from the original position. Also, it uses LEDs for the light and will save me a few watts.

Anyway, on with the pic-whoring. Just click on the thumbnail images to see larger views.

From the rear (the manky white reflecter they stuck on, I've since replaced it with two smaller ones on the number plate itself):-

A nice side view:-

A bit of a closeup:-

Here you can see the original fender (I made sure they gave it to me with the bike):-

A very poor picture in the garage comparing them:-
comparison 1

Another comparison from the side:-
comparison 2



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