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R&G Front Fork Protectors


I didn't really want to pay the full £25 for these - but I spent a while looking on ebay and managed to find some for a tenner. I managed to find some that were sold as "FZ1 fork protectors". When looking to buy stuff for your bike, it's worth going to the manufacturer's site and looking for any other bikes the bits fit too.

I've also bought some R&G spindle protectors and will be installing them soon.

Here they are after I removed them from the bubble wrap. They are slighly different, but it's very obvious once you try to install them which goes on which side:-

Here is the bit that I hate - their damn website and phone number on there:-

Here they are installed from the front:-

And looking cool from the side:-

This was even easier than installing the screen and took me about 2 minutes. Well worth it if they protect my bike a bit more in a fall/crash. I'd fully recommend them.



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