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GPS (Sat Nav) Mount


I bought this brilliant sat nav from ebuyer for just £45 and quickly hacked it to install the latest version of TomTom, IGo, loads of games and some video/ebook apps. I had the larger, older version of this and the newer one is even better and tiny in comparison. They provide a windscreen mount with a suction cup on it, but I needed to mod this to make it fit on my bike.

I bought this mirror mount on ebay to attach the existing mount to. I probably could have found one cheaper - but I was already buying some other bits from the guy. I bough a 10mm bolt that screws into the mirror mount to attach the windscreen mount to. I removed some of the windscreen mount and used a file to make the hole on the end bigger so the bolt can fit through it. YOu can see what I mean below:-

Here you can see it all fitted together:-

And here it is mounted on the bike in between my ugly risers:-

From the front of the bike:-

I couldn't have my headphones stretching all the way to the GPS, so I ran a 1.5m extension cable under the tank and glued it to my tank pad. This means no permanent changed to the bike:-

It looks pretty good, but I need to find a cap or something to stop water getting inside it when not in use:-

Here is where the plug comes up by the handlebars:-

And here you can see the sat nav mounted with the stereo extension cable and the charge cable (going into my new cigaretter lighter socket) plugged in:-



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