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Lighter Socket (Power Outlet)


A very useful mod on any bike is a cigarette lighter socket so you can plug in phone/GPS chargers. This is especially useful if you go touring/camping. I bought one of these on ebay very cheaply to use because of the waterproof cover and because it would be easy to mount.

I fabbed up an L-shaped bit of steel from some scrap I had lying around to mount it on. I had to use a hole-saw to drill a hole for the main body to go through and two bolt holts for the mounting bolts to go. Then I bent it to shape and drilled another hole for the screw to go through. I used my dremel to round off the edged and then I wrapped the whole thing in loads of electrical tape to make it last longer, look better and stop the metal rubbing on stuff and wearing it away.

You can see the first version below:-

It looks pretty good when mounted up and the cap is covering the socket:-

After soldering and heat-shrinking the connections to the bottom, I wrapped it all in electrical tape for more protection:-

You can see it's just attached to a normal length of high current wire with the ends just tinned. I was planning to just put it into the terminal block attached to the relay I made earlier:-

I was originally planning to mount the socket on the headlight mount screw directly on the opposite side to that of the relay I used before. However, when the inner fairing was on, you couldn't get to it easily enough. I had to get another bit of metal and make a kind of Z-shaped extension to let it hang down further.

I also decided that I didn't want the socket to only have power when the engine is on (as the relay is for). When touring, I would want to be able to charge my phone or use my GPS in the tent at night without the bike engine running! I connected the wire to some connectors and a fuse to connect them directly to the battery.

You can see the new mount and connectors below:-

Here you can see the whole assembly mounted to the bike:-

Here you can see where I ran the cable to the battery through the hole in the frame for the wiring loom at the front:-

Another picture showing where it is mounted:-

And you can see it's nicely hidden and protected when the inner fairing is on - but it's still pretty easy to get to:-



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