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Ugly Handlebar Risers


Well I bought these on ebay because I refuse to pay £60 for a piece of metal with 3 holes drilled in it! I'm not sure if they look crap or not though! The only other up and back risers I could find were these that basically look like the Genmar ones and I'm not a huge fan of the look altogether really.

I'm going to look and see if I can find and straight up risers that are 30mm or more and see how I do with them like these. I don't think they'll be much different to these and will look a lot better.

Anyway, back to the ones I've actually got fitted. They are a lot more comfortable and do bring the bars a lot nearer to me and a bit up. Because of the angle of the stock risers, they bring the bars up and then as they bring it towards the rider, you lose some of the height! Because of the mod I've made to my seat (nearly done and I will document later), I sit further back and need them higher and closer to me. I had to lean a bit more than I wanted to anyway with the stock bars so I was always planning to bring them nearer for comfort - but it's even more important now I sit right at the back of the seat.

Of course, I had to buy some new bolts when I received them as the stock bolts weren't long enough for the part of the riser that goes round the bar and didn't fit inside the riser to bolt it to the yoke. I was expecting this anyway and it's become a bit of a habit to buy new bolts with every mod I do.

The risers don't look too bad as they don't really stand out - but they don't match and I won't keep them forever. I've been trying to think of how to cover them or at least the bolt-heads. I may look for some plastic covers at B&Q or somewhere. I didn't put the stock cover on there as it would look stupid at the angle the risers would put it and also I'm planning on using a mirror bracket to fab up a mount for my GPS that will go in the middle there when I need it.

Here they are in their amazing packaging:-

Here's a closer look at them. Shiny shiny:-

Here you can see them fitted from slightly above:-

How they look from the rider's perspective:-

You basically can't see them from the side:-

Here they are from directly above:-



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