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Relay Mod


I was hoping to get the TCP solo seat cowl but after emailing the Holland distributors I found it is £200 so that was just too much. Then I saw this on ebay starting at £1. Unfortunately I didn't get it for that cheap (£50 inc postage) but it's still a quarter of the price of the TCP. I know it's not a great fit and not brilliant but I can always sell it later (hopefully for a profit) if I decide I want to splash out for the TCP.

Incidentally, anyone who uses ebay should use this free software to snipe. It's saved me a fortune over the years and gives you a fuzzy warm feeling inside seeing all the other bidders lose out!

Normally I would not have bought this, but I saw it on ebay VERY cheap as I wrote about here.

Although it doesn't look as good as the TCP one would, it finishes off the bike nicely - especially now i've removed the passenger footpegs. Because of the seat mod I've nearly finished (more on that later) it actually functions as a back rest as well as I sit further back now.

It just clips onto the seat in three places and doesn't require more than 30 seconds work to install or remove it. For £50 you can't go wrong. It's not worth the £150 Yamaha want for it though!!!

The view from the side:-

The view from the rear:-

From further forward:-

Here's the original auction pic:-
ebay Pic



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