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R&G Crash Protectors


I realised that crash protectors were needed to protect my poor bike after I managed to drop it after doing the classic trying to ride with my disc lock on! I found the R&G ones that would fit with the Yamaha fairing. Even better they were in "Aero" style, which looks so much nicer than the normal plastic tube look. The R&G product page on them is here. These were a bit of a pain to fit as I found that unless I actually used the stock washers as well as the spacers and washer provided on the right-hand side it wouldn't tighten enough and the bobbin just span around.

I managed to cheat and not properly remove the fairing from the bike - just let it drop down out of the way when needed. Once I had screwed the bobbins in place and was sure that they fitted okay on both sides, I removed them one at a time and added thread-lock to the threads so they wouldn't vibrate lose. It's a pain to fit them as there are two different sized bolts and four different sized spacers. You have to read the instructions carefully to make sure you get them right.

First you have use a hole-saw to drill a hole where the engine bolt goes:-

It looks a bit crap until you actually fit the bobbins:-

The left-side bobbin with spacers and thread-lock shown:-

The left-side fitted:-

The right-side bobbin showing where I used the factor washers:-

The right-side protector from above:-

The right-side protector from the side:-

Both the protectors from the front:-

The left-side protector from the rear:-

Both the protectors from above the tank:-



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