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Puig Double-bubble Windscreen


The first thing I noticed after riding the FZ6 after my GPZ500s with it's flip screen was it's DAMN noisy! The wind-noise is immense and so I ordered a new dark smoke Puig windscreen and after a couple of weeks waiting it finally arrived!

This was incredibly easy to install. 6 bolts and swapping the screens over. Took about 5 minutes. Only thing is the bolts are plastic and so can't be over-tightened. I'll keep an eye on them in case they vibrate out and some threadlock may be called for.

I also stuffed a rolled up bit of black rag into the gap between the windscreen and the fairing to reduce the wind-noise even more. I've been wanting to do this for ages, but because the stock screen is clear I wasn't able to.

It looks great. Much nicer shape than stock and the smoked look makes it look even more modded. I keep getting "surprised" by it when coming up to the bike from a distance from the front and thinking "damn that screen looks nice".

It's a bit unusual - like the bike really. It goes well with the large headlight "eyes" and the massive mirror stalks. My girlfriend calls my bike "The Fly". I call it "SuperFly" though based on my memories of the great videos below:-





The view from the front:-

The view from the side:-

From the riding position:-

The rag used to reduce the noise:-

Showing the extra height compared to the stock screen:-

Showing the difference in shape from the stock (although it doesn't fit over the Puig very well):-



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