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Relay Add-on Mod


Originally, I had my heated grips directly into the battery as Roxter intended. However, I managed to kill a battery on my last bike by leaving my grips on all day and have no intention of doing that again! I used a relay wired into the DB43 cable to enable the grips to draw power directly from the battery but only be on when the engine is running. VERY useful. I also chopped off the cables from my New Roxter controller and wired in the controller from my old Oxford controller. While the Oxford controller is old and ugly, it's much more convenient to use and made the grips a bit hotter (although I'm still not completely happy).

The inspiration for this mod came from a comment someone made after I documented wiring my old grips directly into the fusebox on my old GPZ500S on the ex-500 forum and also on the excellent video here. I joined it up to a bit of chocolate block to easily plug things into it. If anyone is planning on doing this, the relay I used is from maplin and can be seen here. Not bad for £2.70!

Here is the circuit diagram I knocked up:-
relay circuit diagram

Here you can see the relay wired up with the chocolate block araldited onto the relay:-

And from the side (I know the connecting wires are a bit long):-

And from the top:-

Here is the old Oxford control box with the Roxter connections soldered onto it:-
control box

I wrapped the hanging down wires etc with loads of tape to improve the looks and waterproofing:-

Here is the ugly control box in place:-
control box2

I attached the relay onto the headlight mount bolt and it fitted great. Also, it's completely hidden from view and the weather when the inner fairing covers are on:-
in place

Here you can see the extra wiring I've added in with the grips connected at the top:-
in place 2

Here is where the power cable (with fuse next to the battery) to the battery comes out:-
battery cable



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